Password Attempts

  • Hi Guys,

    Now we have a decent enough Password Manager, Policies and the ability to wipe files.

    What would be handy if within Policies an option to limit the volume of attempts , to log those attempts by text file an option that shuts powerarchiver down after each failed attempt as well as the ability to Delete the Archive if a limit has been reached.

    That way, i know if someone was to try and hack my encrypted archive by password association it would not only take them even longer and wind them up opening PA everytime but it would be logged with the username, time, date and the file self descrutes ensuring my data is never recovered.

    Obviosly, anything of that nature would be kept safe elsewhere but every handy when sending over to a client Highligh confidential details via email. Atleast i would be 100% confident that if i wanted it to 1 failed attempt would result in the archive being wiped (if the user had pa) so it could be a PAE or PA feature.

  • Alpha Testers

    Interesting suggestion…:)
    I’d feel pretty secure having my life savings in Richard’s vault…:p

  • conexware

    someone cracking the password would not do it via PA, they would write a script for some command line utility they already have that makes it easy to do dictionary based attacks… so if we limited that in PA, it would only inconvenience regular users unfortunately.

    Unless the file is behind the server, there is no real way to protect such attacks… however with proper use of password policies, it would be impossible to crack the password in AES protected file.

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