Folder navigation

  • I would like to make a further plea for my mouse’s backwards and forwards keys to work when navigating to and from files, just like they do in explorer. IIRC, I was told that this functionality would be added to v2019.

    Mni tnx.

  • conexware

    hey @drteeth
    thanks for the reminder. gonna bump it for the dev team to see if we can add it.

  • conexware

    Also, @drteeth
    are you referring to the mouse buttons navigating when browsing files inside archives or when browsing files on the hard drive?
    Seems to be working OK for when browsing the hard drive

  • @Mili
    It was very spooky to see what was happening with this issue when I saw my months’ old post at the top of the list.
    I would like the keys to work when browsing inside archives as well as anywhere one would want to navigate folders. I was not aware that the keys worked when navigating the hard drive as I do not use PA that way.
    With kind regards and stay safe

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