Errors in Brazilian Portuguese translation

  • The Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) translation has lots of typos like missing, duplicated or transposed letters…

  • conexware

    best would be to record them and send it to us or post it here so we can fwd to our translator.

  • Ok, most of the errors are in the installation wizard (see screenshots), but I also found a few other errors in the application menus:

    Exibir / Opções da Barra de Ferramentas / Show breadcrumb bar (not translated)
    Opções / Revesimentos
    Exibir / Exibir estilo (should be “Estilo de Exibição” or similar, “Exibir estilo” doesn’t make sense)

    Installation wizard:

  • conexware

    thanks a lot!

  • 13.0.20 has a bug that causes pt-BR translations to appear… I don’t know how to express it exactly… hmm… one position before where they should appear?

    For example, the “About PowerArchiver” menu entry (in tabbed mode, I don’t know about classic) is the last one in the “?” button on the top-right. But, there, the translated text says (roughly) “PowerArchiver Auto-Backup Script”. Clicking it brings up the about window, as expected from the last item in the “?” menu, so the functionality is as it should, it’s the translation that’s wrong. Now, the item right before the about item, the one that goes to the skins download page? It is the one that’s saying “About PowerArchiver”. Clicking on it goes to the skin page in the site, as is its functionality, but the text is wrong. And so on and so forth: every single string in the whole program is displaying not the translation for its actual text, but the translation for the text that follows it in the translation file.

    The funny thing is that, due to this, I cannot find in the options screen where to change the language. Everything says something that is actually done somewhere else, and nothing does what it says. It’s so crazy it’s even fun. :)

  • conexware

    Hi alexgieg!

    Thanks for all the info, we’re still working on it :)

    please find these 2 screenshots showing where you can change the language in both views that PA offers.

  • Hi! I’ve just tried the pt_BR translation again in v13.02.02 and found some bugs in the Option/Security tab. Instead of “Security”, the tab name to the left says “(lento)” ("(slow)"). The top middle tab says “Nenhum” (“None”), and the top right bar says “1 passo - US DoD 5220.22-M” (“1 step…”). See the attached screenshot to see what I mean. Also, there are a few untranslated strings spread around, both in other tabs as well as withing the Security one, such as the “Password Profiles” title visible in the screenshot. Maybe that’s related?

    I hope this helps!

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