• Hi,

    I’ve made changes to fix some problems with PAConv.bat:

    1. Replaced the “” by () in the first two lines, so that it’ll work with command line arguments in quotation marks
    2. Replaced deltree with rmdir, since deltree is unknown at least in Windows XP and later
    3. Also replaced the del command, which left an empty $PATEMP$ directory with rmdir
    4. Changed $PATEMP$ to “%TEMP%$PATEMP$.%time::=%”, so that no write privileges are needed in the current directory as the users Temp directory is used and that more operations will work simultaneous, as long as they are not started at the very same time.
    5. Changed %n to “%~n” to allow parameters with spaces and quotation marks

    if (%1)==() goto help
    if (%2)==() goto help
    SET PATMPDIR=%TEMP%\$PATEMP$.%time::=%
    if exist "%PATMPDIR%" rmdir /s /q "%PATMPDIR%"
    mkdir "%PATMPDIR%"
    paext -e -d -p"%PATMPDIR%" "%~1"
    pacomp -a -r -p -w "%~2" "%PATMPDIR%\*.*"
    rmdir /s /q "%PATMPDIR%"

  • conexware

    thank you!

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