Extracting password protected archive.

  • Hi All

    I have archive that holds password protected, encrypted data which is created using something like this:

    C:\Temp\ZipTest>pacomp -a -spassword -fips -e2 archive.zip "C:\Temp\ZipTest" -x"C:\Temp\ZipTest\ReadMe.txt"

    Then I add regular file into that archive which is not encrypted and not password protected. “ReamMe.txt” sort of file. Using command below.

    C:\Temp\ZipTest>pacomp -a archive.zip "C:\Temp\ZipTest\ReadMe.txt"

    Now when I extract this archive using:

    paext -spassword -p"C:\ZipTest\Temp" archive.zip

    Everything extracts correctly except for ReadMe.txt file. File is present but content is empty.
    I get following

    error: extracting: ReadMe.txt   --> CRC ERROR! [100%]

    How can I extract archive without corruption ReadMe.txt file?

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