PowerArchiver 2011 Toolbox with BitDefender!

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    **PowerArchiver 2011 Toolbox with BitDefender Internet Security 2011
    **What is it?
    For 2011, we reviewed what our customers were purchasing and decided to better align our offers towards competition. So we have created 3 products and we have separated our extra tools into separate applications.

    Here is brief overview:

    **PowerArchiver 2011

    • Compression Only version of PowerArchiver. No extras. All of the compression and extraction features are there. Zip/Zipx/Unrar, all the tools, preview window, UAC support, etc.

    PowerArchiver 2011 Pro

    • Designed for business use it contains: PowerArchiver, Send to FTP/Burner ability, PACL, PowerArchiver Outlook Plugin. We asked our business clients what they wanted and this is what Pro version is all about.

    PowerArchiver 2011 Toolbox with BitDefender IS 2011

    • This is our premium offer that will include all of our separate apps, so you will get PowerArchiver 2011 Pro, PowerArchiver Burner with Virtual Drive, PowerArchiver Backup with VSS, PowerArchiver Secure FTP and BitDefender Internet Security which is full security suite from BitDefender that has excellent ratings (Check TopTenReviews).

    **There is NO forced upgrade for anyone to Toolbox.**So please do not get mad at us for something we did not do :-). If you have purchased Pro in the past, you will still get those features via license we call Pro Legacy. However if you use PowerArchiver a lot, and love all the features and developed, are excited by prospects of new format and new features, please do consider upgrading to Toolbox. For VERY low fee, you will get great AV (you can use it yourself or give it to your family members), and upcoming apps like our next standalone backup utility which will feature our PAF format. And you will be supporting PA development of course.

    We will be sending emails with fantastic upgrade offer for all current customers. Upgrade price will be different depending what version of PowerArchiver you own (Standard or Pro and what year). So check your mailbox to see for yourself :-). In the meantime, if you have free upgrade to PA 2011, you can login to your account and get it. We do ask you to check Toolbox offer and support PowerArchiver development if you can!

    **More about PowerArchiver 2011
    **PowerArchiver 2011 has many new features, from addition of many new formats, many compression/speed improvements to completely new Secure FTP, Improved Burner and Backup. Million new features as well as significantly improved old ones.

    We hope you will like PA 2011, PA Team worked really hard to please everyone and we definitely consider it our best release ever.

    We are incredibly thankful that our users recognize our hard work and continue rewarding us for it. Thank you once again! Even more exciting times are ahead of us with new PAF format.

  • Do you have Pro Toolbox without BitDefender since I already have Microsoft Security Essentials installed and I cannot use more than one security products on the same system. BitDefender is not made by ConeXware, it’s a third party software product. BitDefender is also a subscription product that only works for a year.

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    Do you have Pro Toolbox without BitDefender? I already use Microsoft Security Essentials?

    consider BitDefender as a free offer to Toolbox users… pricing will be like that too. we will be sending upgrade offers via email tomorrow so you will see the pricing.

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    Here is pretty blog with all the news:

    edit (will be up in 10 hours when PA 2011 RC1 is published)

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    Just to update release “date”, it will be released within 10 hours from now… so please stay a bit more patient… thank you!

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    Once again, let me double bold this:
    There is NO forced upgrade for anyone to Toolbox.So please do not get mad at us for something we did not do :-).**

    Meaning above new versions do not restrict people who purchased before from using features in new version.

    If you purchased PA 200x which had Outlook plugin inside, and this current license for PA 2011 does not, you WILL still have Outlook plugin!

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    Here is pretty blog with all the news:

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    thanks Terry…spwolf rushed off his feet I guess…;)

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  • PowerArchiver 2011 was released but the Toolbox version is still not available to purchase or upgrade? Will it take another few hours for the store to be reconfigured?

  • My PowerArchiver 2011 Pro Legacy key doesn’t appear to be working. It restarts after I enter the key but shows the nag screen again.
    My PowerArchiver 2011 - Personal key works fine though.

    Also, I don’t see the option to upgrade to the toolbox in my account either.

  • My Pro Legacy key is working, please check the key for typing errors or try copy and paste.

  • Same here, no issues with the Pro key.

  • @spwolf:

    We do ask you to check Toolbox offer and support PowerArchiver development if you can!

    I will support the development of PA as soon as the option(s) appear(s) in my account. 😃

  • Is the PA 2010 Pro key from a lifetime licence also working with PA 2011 Pro or do you need a new key?

  • Had to get new PA 2011 Pro Legacy key from account.

  • Ah thx, overlooked the “resend codes” button.

  • Will the Toolbox upgrade offer be emailed later today?

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