powerarchiver not able to compress / decompress files with long file names

  • Here’s my problem with Powerarchiver:

    I bought powerarchiver, only through this
    for me serious bug it is almost useless
    for me and i hope they get the bug fixed quickly!
    this one seems to exist already for a longer time!

    When I compress or decompress certain files (in PA format)
    does not compress or decompress any further, but stops
    without error message. I found out the problem
    and isolated, this happens with heavily interlaced
    directories, or for files whose file name is too long.
    Windows support for long file names is
    although switched on but powerarchiver does not compress
    Files with long file names.
    Try this! Nest a file with long
    Names times 4-5 times in different folders, powerarchiver will
    not be able to compress or decompress this!

  • Alpha Testers

    Are we talking long, exceptionally long or really ludicrously long?
    I think Windows itself will start to do rather weird things if the total length of the complete path is over about 256.

  • conexware

    Hi @Konglomat

    Yes, there are limits on character size in Windows. However, lets check if PA is performing correctly.
    Could you post and/or send us the folder/filename structure you are compressing?
    We will test with the exact same character size.


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