Unknown Files

  • There are 2 files in that gnupg directory that I’m not sure the purpose
    of. I know private keys are stored in a directory called
    private-keys-v1.d and public keys are stored in pubring.kbx.

    I have a file called PAPubring.gpg (111 bytes) and PAsecring.gpg (113
    bytes) I’m guessing they are too small to be holding anything but just
    curious to what they are.

    Are these part of PowerArchiver?? They are not part of GNUPG nor any of the associated programs (GPG4Win and Enigmail)

  • The files belong to PowerArchiver, which contains support for OpenPGP encrypted files.

    PAPubring.gpg holds the public key ring, PAsecring.gpg your secret keys.
    They are compatible (and correspond) to the GnuPG 1.x key ring format.
    I’m not really sure if they are “empty” and you need to manage them completely via PowerArchiver key management or if they are synched with your GnuPG key rings if you start using PowerArchiver OpenPGP encryption features.
    I played around with the PowerArchiver features and decided to stay with my GnuPG tools, a few years ago.

  • @BigMike

    Thanks… After combing through the GNUPG docs and not finding anything I suspected they belonged to PA. What is odd is that I have not created nor imported any keys into PA yet.

    I would think (hope) you don’t have to manage them separately as having separate keyrings could lead to problems. Hopefully someone from PA can chime in on this?

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