Problem: Backspace navigation in Explorer mode

  • Hi, in PowerArchiver (also in the latest 19.00.57), I have a problem with the use of the backspace key to navigate “a folder up”. My Eplorer mode window looks like this:


    If the explorer view is active and an archive is open in the archive view (below) and I hit the backspace key, both the explorer and the archive view will jump one level up. I’d expect only the explorer view changes.
    If the “archive view” is active and i hit backspace, as expected, the archive view will jump one level up and the explorer view will stay unchanged.
    If the “archive view” doesn’t have an archive open, but shows also folders, hitting backspace in the “explorer view” will behave already as expected and only change explorer view.

    Could you please change the unexpected changing of both views?

  • conexware

    Was able to reproduce it.
    Logged in to only “move up” the explorer section and not the archive.
    Thanks @BigMike !!

  • Just to report back: Fixed in 19.00.58

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