The PACL does not extract files from the self-extracting archive

  • My OS: Windows XP Home Edition, SP3
    The version number and date of the program: PowerArchiver Command Line v9.00b [Feb 23 2019]

    The program not extracts one self-extracting file.

    How to reproduce the problem

    Download the SFX file by link: install.exe
    Copy the “install.exe” file into the same location as the program is located.
    Go to the DOS prompt. Make your PACL location the default drive.
    If it is on the E drive enter the command E: and press enter. Replace “E:” with the appropriate drive letter.
    Enter command cd e:<path name> to go to the location where the program resides.
    Enter command:

    paext32 -o+ -p"install" "install.exe"

    As a result, the “install” directory will not be created and no
    files will be extracted.

    The “install.exe” file may be damaged but if you use a program such as 7-Zip or PeaZip to extract the files, the extraction process is successful. I want the PACL to also unpack such a file.
    This problem is very critical for me. I often come across this. I do not want to resort to using other compression program.

    … Michael

  • conexware

    @Mili please report this.

  • conexware

    thanks @Michael72
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