License Code Not Working / Missing

  • Hi,

    I’m posting this in the PowerArchiver 2021 and the PowerArchiver CommandLine forums in the hope someone can help me. I tried to contact the support and sales departments multiple times, both using email and the website contact form and haven’t heard back from them since.

    On 05/30/2020 I ordered PowerArchiver Toolbox (Order # available on request). According to the website ( this includes PowerArchiver Command Line.

    I downloaded and installed PowerArchiver Toolbox and PACL and tried to activate both using the offline activation key. While I could activate PowerArchiver Toolbox the key did not work for PACL: “*** Error: Wrong registration info”

    I couldn’t find a working registration code in my e-mails or my account.

    How can I register PACL without having to pay twice?


  • conexware

    Hello @Skybird
    We show that one of the support tickets was replied to with information on how to obtain your PACL registration through your account at as PACL uses a different registration code.
    Maybe it went to Spam?

    Regardless, we have manually created your PACL license and have sent it to your email.


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