Unwarranted Right Click Menu Entries By Powerarchiver

  • I never gave Power Archiver permission to make any entries in the right click menu. I think it is called “context menu.”

    Options during installation:



    Unwanted Entries in Right Click Menu:


    How do I completely remove Power Archiver from all context menus?

    In case you are wondering, “Why?” The operation that I use 99.99% of the time is Delete, which is the last item in the context menu. Power Archiver and anything else in the context menu requires that I move my mouse cursor an unnecessarily long distance to delete a file. In fact, I find such unwanted obstacles in my context menu so obnoxious, that I will uninstall a program to get rid of them.

    Most software developers must have a overly high opinion of their software to install stuff the context menu without the user’s permission. The fact is, “Less is more.”

    I will uninstall Power Archiver, if this problem is not resolved.

  • conexware

    Hello @aruzinsky
    You can turn off shell extensions/context menu by going to the Configuration>Shell extensions section and unchecking the “Use Explorer Shell Extensions” option.
    Click OK on the bottom of the Configuration window and the right click Options should not appear anymore.
    We have tested and confirmed this in the latest 2019 version.
    Please let us know if that helps. Thanks!

    Use Shell.JPG

  • @Mili Thank you. It worked.

  • conexware

    glad it worked out @aruzinsky
    please write whenever we can be of assistance.

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