[BUG] UAC support broken in PowerArchiver 2018

  • Hi,
    I’ve some problems with UAC in PowerArchiver 2018:

    • I’ve already reported problems for PA2017 and you fixed some problems.
    • I’ve noticed again problems with UAC: The problematic archive is a 7zip. Opening it with PA2018 and directly clicking on extract, triggers an UAC prompt as expected. Selecting single files and trying to extract them to the same place (a subfolder of C:\Program Files) fails with an error (there are already older versions of the files in the same place to be overwritten).
    • I’ve done further tests with other formats, via shell extension (Extract to…):
      My test archives contain 1 file: test.txt
      If the file does not already exist:
      UAC prompt: 7z, pa, tar, lha
      Access error: zip, rar, cab, bh
      If the file already exists in the destination folder, no UAC prompt is triggered in any case. I confirm overwriting the files and it fails with an access error.
      I’ve used PA 18.00.46 x64 on Windows 10 1709.
    • The x86 Shell extension behaves differently:
      All but the rar archive triggers an UAC prompt if the file doesn’t exist in the destination folder; if I deny the UAC prompt, the shell extension crashes in most cases.

    Are you going to fix this in PA2018 soon or should I revert to PA2016, again?

  • conexware

    thanks for the details on this one @BigMike
    confirmed it and logged it in






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