quick lookup does not work always in explorer mode

  • conexware

    quick lookup does not work always in explorer mode

  • It happens on the same file explorer, but not inside archives.

    First of all, the directory listing should be long enough to better understand what is happening.

    Let’s assume these are the folders visible on screen:


    To type and find the files, first you must focus on the file explorer, by clicking some empty space or let’s say the first folder abc.

    If you then type e or efg on the keyboard it will select the folder efg.

    Let’s say we have a folder xyz on the list down there, but it is not yet visible. If you type x or xyz it will beep because it cannot find it for some reason. If I scroll down the list until xyz becomes visible, only then can I find it by typing x or xyz. Same for every file, so to have the full functionality I can scroll down the list until bottom, now each filename on the current directory will be accessible by typing until changing the directory or restarting PowerArchiver

  • conexware

    @john I understand what the issue is, and have identified the cause - internally we have an option of smart refresh option for file list window of external explorer interface (when browsing hdd) and that will refresh only visible part of the screen. When I activate full refresh, it seems to be just fine.

    As to the focus, got it… we will check rest of the windows too. Thanks.

  • conexware

    @john Looks like this has been fixed. Can you check it out on your examples and let us know? Thanks!

    You can find updated version here:

  • This issue doesn’t appear to be fixed, e.g. pressing z does nothing until I scroll to the bottom.

  • conexware

    Thanks @john !

    I checked and noticed the same, we have logged it in.

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