PowerArchiver Outlook Plug-In don't works correctly

  • Hi.

    I have here with the PowerArchiver Outlook Plug-In 3.04 the following Problem.

    When I wanted to go to the options in outlkook 2007 and than go to the Register powerarchiver, then Outlook seems for a short time to be broken, but than the Register powerarchiver opens in a Windows which is as big as the Monitor.
    In this Windows I can not make any changes or so.
    I can only close the windows with alt + F4, but than the whole Option Windows is closed.

    Here is a Screen with Outlook 2007and PowerArchiver Outlook Plug-In 2.4

    This Screens shows Outlook 2007 with the PowerArchiver for Office Plug-In 3.04

    So at the Moment I Need to go back to the Plug in 2.4 because this version works good for me.


  • conexware

    Hello. Thank you for your report.

    What about general usage, are windows there fine? Is it only option window that shows such issue?


  • Hi spwolf.

    I have this problem only in the option window from Outlook 2007 when I go the the Register “Power Archiver” with the PowerArchiver for Office Plug-In 3.04.
    When I use the PowerArchiver Outlook Plug-In 2.4 I don’t have this problem.

    The rest works very fine. I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and Power Archiver 17.00.90 64-bit.
    And there I haven’t any problems.


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