ZTE - 1.00.23 Beta - PA FTP

  • Team,

    I understand that ZTE ideally is to be kept separate from PA.

    But due to some of the features Utilizing the same as PowerArchiver’s Application such as FTP.

    It would be good if the user could interact with those inside either applications.

    For example for FTP users may have PA Profiles already setup and wish to use them or edit them slightly, So what would be create is two tick boxs in the ZTE Configuration screen under FTP (Pro) -> Profiles;

    Import PowerArchiver’s FTP Profiles

    Sync PowerAchiever’s FTP Profiles

    The user can only choose one option and when they do the other box greys out.

    An exact copy of PA’s FTP Profiles into ZTE at that time yet enables the user to change them without it modifying PAs profile.

    Basically it adjusts ZTE’s FTP Profile to use PowerArchiver’s FTP Profile. Any changes in either application is synced between them.

    This would be very handy for users like me, who can use either or and don’t want to be duplicating settings all the time.

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