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  • Already reported problems seem not to be resolved
    Additionally, I want to add:

    • I can’t encrypt files if my passphrase doesn’t fit the password policy. But there’s no hint, that this isn’t possible and the password is also my private key’s password and can’t be changed in this window
    • If I enter a wrong passphrase for the key, I get exactly the same behavior: nothing happens
    • If I change the password policy to my needs in PowerArchiver, the hint in the (Signing?) window says still my input doesn’t fulfill the requirements, but an encryption is possible

  • conexware

    @BigMike thank you, we will check it out for next build.

  • conexware

    Thanks @BigMike

    We were able to reproduce the issue where entering an incorrect password does not provide a notice about it and that has been logged in.

    When changing password policies in config and then going back to PGP manager or encrypt tool, the changed password policies are applied and updated. Could you provide some more detail please as to the scenario in which they aren’t being updated/applied?
    We will take a look at it immediately.

    Any other issues, improvements that you may notice, please let us know and we’ll do our best to address them.


  • Hi,
    I have a test PGP key with a four digit passphrase, while the default password policy in PowerArchiver suggests a minimum length of 8 characters.
    If I’m trying to encrypt files with this key with default settings, it behaves as if I entered a wrong passphrase: Simply nothing happens.
    If I set the password policy to minimum length “1”, the hint, that my passphrase doesn’t fit the password policy (the label under the two password fields) is still there, but I can encrypt the files.

    Actually I think the whole dialog needs a redesign. I’m not setting a password, but using an existing one, so the password policy should not matter at all and also retyping the password is not really needed.

  • conexware

    Thanks very much @BigMike, that helped a lot.
    Yes, having a key with a passphrase that uses less characters than the minimum requirements could be/is an issue and we have logged that in and will see what is the best way to address it in PowerArchiver.

    In regards to the minimum password policy settings, in our tests here, the minimum password settings are applied when changed.
    When I change them from 8 to 3 in config and go back to creating a PGP archive, the minimum password settings are applied and show 3. This is not the case on your end?
    Could you provide some details as to how you are changing/encrypting and the settings aren’t chancing/applying as they should?

    We will try to reproduce it immediately.

    Thanks for your help!!

  • Hi,
    I’m sorry, I can’t reproduce this anymore. Maybe I just didn’t read carefully enough last time!?
    When I tried to reproduce it today, the hint changes as intended.

  • conexware

    @bigmike In new update, we have removed the minimum password notification if you are just entering your existing pgp password. Check it out here:

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