Problem with archives created by Rainlendar

  • Hi, Rainlendar creates backup ZIP archives from its important files.
    Opened in PowerArchiver only one file is shown, the archive information says, there’s only one file, but Windows Explorer shows all files and also when I test the archive in PowerArchiver, all files are shown in the report.

    By the way, it’s the same with PACL

    Please tell me, where I can provide a sample.

  • conexware

    downloading Rainlendar and will give it a try to reproduce.
    If can’t, will let you know to provide a sample archive.

    thanks for the info!!

  • conexware

    confirmed and logged in, thanks BigMike!

  • conexware

    Hello BigMike,

    We have released Fast Ring update that added support for this archive:

    There was something wrong with the header, but we made workaround so it works properly now. Thanks for the report!

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