PA 9.11.01 can't unzip pkzip files

  • I just upgraded to the new version and I can no longer unzip files created on my old dos laptop with PKZIP 5.0.

    I can’t be sure this problem is new with the latest version since I haven’t used those files much for a few months but I’m sure whatever version I was using 6 months ago was working fine and I think I’ve probably unzipped a few things since then.

    I’ve had to copy PKUNZIP to my XP computer to unzip them there.

    Is this a bug or a new “feature” or is it something I’m overlooking?


  • the latest version, though beta, is the 9.20.04, available through the update feature.

  • conexware

    PA supports only pkzip 2.04g and higher specs. Long time ago, PkZip used implode method which is not supported by PA, nor I think it ever was.

    I think you might still be able to create implode zip archives with some pkzip utilities but I am not sure.

    sorry and thanks,

  • I just checked the pkzip version I used and it was 2.04g. I have 5.0 but somehow that laptop has the older version on it.

    A few small archives will unzip. The rest start to and unzip a file or two or even several and then stop saying there was an unexpected end of the zip and that it was probably just the first part of a spanned archive. But it isnt spanned and PKUNZIP 2.04g unzips it just fine.

    This isn’t a problem I can’t live with. I do have PKUNZIP. But it sure is going to be a hassle and I am sure I’ve never had this problem before and I’ve been using PA to unzip stuff from this laptop since I registered it a few years ago.

    I went back to some of my backups and tried them. One in particular that I keep handy because it has some stuff I refer to now and then and I’m sure PA has unzipped it before but now it doesn’t do it. I’m not sure how long it’s been since I’ve done it.

    For what it’s worth, PA is the only archiver I’ve had on either my XP or my Win98 machines for a few years so I’m really very sure it’s unzipped this file before with no problems.


  • conexware

    You can send us an example (smaller) so we can test it out: That way I will be able to tell you better what might be wrong. Actual zip support has not been changed noticably for a while.

    Did you try repairing the file via repair tool?


  • Did you try repairing the file via repair tool?

    No I didn’t since I know the archives are good when used with PKUNZIP. However I will and I’ll send one to you as well. I’ll try to do that tomorrow.


  • conexware

    Check it out with this release:


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