Something odd

  • Banned

    No major disaster, but something odd.

    I decided to remove ZTE and go back to PAOP.

    It had one odd consequence. It fouled up my FTP settings which I could fix only by uninstalling and then reinstalled PA.

    It may be that there is is minor tweak that would solve this problem.

    BTW, I had exactly the same thing happen on two different machines – both running Win 7, but one running 32 bit and one 64.

  • conexware

    what happened to the ftp settings?

  • Banned

    Don’t know. I was hoping you could tell me.

    The profile was still listed in the drop down profileS menu (New, Edit, etc.), but in the FTP window, the name of the profile, the username, password, and port were empty.

    I could not ftp from that window OR use a pbs that ftp-ed to another site.

    There was only one solution: uninstall and reinstall the latest PA. Then the information WAS in those windows and FTP worked fine.

    Same thing on a desktop and a laptop, configured differently, with a different OS and different anti-virus. So it seems it is a minor hiccup in interplay between PA, ZTE, and PAOP.

  • conexware

    i think the problem is that both ZTE and PA install same registry keys for FTP profiles and once ZTE is uninstalled, Windows Installer removes those keys automatically… we will see what we can do in the next release, thanks.

  • Banned

    I thought it was probably something like that. But it may be that there is no good way to remedy it without creating other problems.

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