Volume Shadow Copy on WinXP

  • We use PowerArchiver 2011. On Windows7 we can backup
    open Files with Volume Shadow Copy. But this is not possible
    on WinXP. Volume Shadow Copy service is started , also
    as Administrator.We get error message:

    Dateien, die Momentan im Gebrauch sind, können mit Volume Shadow Copy Service komprimiert werden. Aktivieren Sie bitte diese Anwendung bevor Sie die Dateien, die zur Zeit gebraucht werden komprimieren. Wenn Sie 7-ZIP-Kompression verwenden, führen Sie die Anwendung mit Adminrechten aus.

  • conexware

    did you try using VSS on some other computer, not only that one?
    (so something is not wrong with Volume Shadow Service on that specific computer).

  • conexware

    i have just tested VSS on an XP machine and it worked fine.
    I tested both English and Multilingual versions…must be something specific.

  • I tried it on another WS and had the same problem. So I tried
    to use Volume Shadow Copy with NTBackup and got BSOD.
    I found a link how to resolve the problem ( http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic94820-5.html )
    After uninstalling all storgae volumes in device manager everything wored fine inclusive Power Archiver and open files.
    So I did it also on the first WS and here also everything went

    But I cannot get PACL V7 to work with VSS.

  • conexware

    Glad that’s solved, thanks for letting us know.

    What command are you using for PACL and it isn’t working?

  • See the following output of pacl command
    ( open files ntuser.dat* are listed during command, but
    are not in zip-file ):

    D:\test>pacomp -uvss -a -w -k -r -p -c2 d:\test\arch-admin.zip "c:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\administrator\ntu*"
    PowerArchiver Command Line (PACL) Version 7.00 [Mar 22 2012]
    Copyright© 1998-2012 ConeXware, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Shareware Version

    Remainder: This is unregistered version of PACL. Please register at http://www.powerarchiver.com
    Press <enter>to continue.

    Archive Compression Utility – ZIP,ZIPX,7-ZIP,CAB,LHA,BH,JAR,TAR,GZIP,BZIP2
    Internet: http://www.powerarchiver.com Email: support@conexware.com

    Archive: d:\test\arch-admin.zip
    preparing to compress…
    adding: NTUSER.DAT --> Done. [0%]
    adding: NTUSER.DAT.LOG –> Done. [0%]
    adding: ntuser.ini –> Done. [0%]
    adding: ntuser.pol –> Done. [0%]

    All OK

    D:\test>echo errorlevel:0

    D:\test>unzip -l arch-admin.zip
    Archive: arch-admin.zip
    Length Date Time Name
    –---- ---- ---- ----
    190 03-27-12 14:59 ntuser.ini
    1282 03-27-12 13:52 ntuser.pol

    1472 2 files</enter>

  • conexware

    New PACL:

    you will need to register pauac.dll via regsvr32 if you dont have PA installed on same system, for VSS support to work (it must register Activex dll with Windows).