No ZTE shell extensions (32bit Windows)

  • Uninstalled the old verison and reinstalled this new one. I like that the cloud signup comes after the installer now. I installed then rebooted, and I still for some reason see now shell commands for ZTE even though it is checked. Could PA 2011 be messing with this at all? Any ideas?

    On a side note can you guys force the server to activate me on attachmentcloud (Timothy Reider its under) :)


    Side note, it seems that if you open PA 2011 when ZTE is installed it will throw Patchbeam errors. Looks like there are two Patchbeams in my install menu and they might be messing with each other.

  • conexware

    move shell extension problems into separate thread…

  • conexware

    can you please try with latest version - .13? thanks!

  • I do have them now (since .12), this issue is resolved.

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