Power archiver insult me with a big error message….

  • Hi,

    I m using power archiver v6.0.0.5 (free version) with windows2000 sp4.
    All my computers have the same hardware configuration and are masterized thank to an image file (.gho) so they are perfectly identical.
    Unhappy i have in 25% of cases the following error message when i launch power archiver.

    “Access violation at adress 00054568B in module ‘POWERARC.EXE’. Read in adress 00000000”

    After this message power archiver is running but without any icons in the toolsbar.

    Does someone can help me about this problem, that will be very cool.



  • I never used that version…too old…and maybe buggy, I dunno…
    you can’t expect devs to still support that, I believe…

    anyway, there may be some incompatibilities with the operating system or other sw you have installed on your machines…

    if you want to be sure about that, what you can do is, on a clean installed machine, put on PA6 and check whether it works. if id does, install a new software you need, then check again…an so on, you may well find the culprit!

  • that version is definqately not supported. I would move on up to the latest version of pa. I have been using pa ever scince it was free right up to its present status shareware. I have found no problems in paying for the sharware version. It does more things than winzip and support for it is second to none. I would recxommend upgrading its only a mere £25 and is well worth it.

  • In fact it s not a pb on software or os but an ntuser.dat corruption. :rolleyes:
    Indeed my users was unable to update or add key in their registry without replace their ntuser.dat with a blank one.

    Thx davidsplash & manuangi for your help


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