-p command

  • Hello,

    trying to use PACOMP like this :
    “G:\Program Files\PowerArchiver\CommandLine\pacomp.exe” -a -p Test.zip @Test.txt

    in Test.txt, we have :

    So, if I do not use the -p command , it is working but the subfolder “SubFolder” is not stored in the zip file !
    If I use the -p command, I get this message :

    PowerArchiver Command Line (PACL) Version 4.00 [Dec 27 2004]
    Copyright© 1999-2004 ConeXware, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Shareware Version
    Archive Compression Utility – ZIP, CAB, LHA, BH, JAR, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2
    Internet: http://www.powerarchiver.com Email: support@conexware.com

    Archive: Test.zip
    preparing to compress…
    *** WARNING: Nothing to add or update…
    Appuyez sur une touche pour continuer…

    Do I miss something ?

    Thanks for your answer.

  • Hi, the first thing I did when I got PACL was to put the executables in a location on my system path so that I wouldn’t have to mess around with long drawn out command lines like this:

    “G:\Program Files\PowerArchiver\CommandLine\pacomp.exe” -a -p Test.zip @Test.txt

    For me this is much easier:
    pacomp.exe -a -p Test.zip @Test.txt

    In any event both methods worked, subdirectory and all. I called the command from E:\Temp\TTest1 with the following file/directory structure:


    I was able to replicate the error you are getting if Test.txt existed but did not reside in the same directory as File01.txt like this: (assume C:\Windoze\Test.txt does exist)

    C:\Windoze>pacomp.exe -a -p Test.zip @Test.txt

    You probably already figured this out looking at the date! But the system path thing is still handy.

    Best Wishes.

  • Hi,
    First of all, thanks for your answer !

    we are going to take the problem by another way.
    I am writting a program which terminate with compressing files in a subfolder I create in a folder the user choose.
    I want to be able to let the user choose the program he want to compress : WinZip, WinRar, PowerArchiver, …/…
    even I have to adapt my Test.bat.

    If, for example, the user choose the folder C:\Dir01\Dir02 to work,
    I create a subfolder Dir03,
    where I write the Test.bat which call pacomp (with his full path -in the path or not-)
    and where I write Test.txt which list the files I need to compress, assuming the root directory is Dir02.
    So, Test.txt look like this :
    WinZip and WinRar works correctly, like I wait they must do
    so in the Test.zip I get

    PaComp do not work like this, and more :
    I reproduce the test you do :
    working with Test.txt, Test.bat in the same folder as File01.txt
    in the Test.zip I get this :

    and of course, when I unzip Test.zip, it create a folder Dir03 and a folder Dir01 with a subfolder Dir02
    so I thing there is a bug in the command -p.

    May be I do not use PaComp like it should be use, but I know exactly what I want to do
    and I do not find the way PaComp can do it.

    If you have a suggestion you are welcome.
    Or may be review the -p command…

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