Need Additional Command Line Arguments

  • Here’s the thing.

    I need to automate the process of locating a file, compress to a .ZIP, then to convert that to a SFX self-extracting file that is configured to extract to a specific folder on the user’s computer.

    To ‘partially’ automate this, I have done the following.

    1. Create a BATCH file. The command lines are…

    To create the ZIP file, I am using the PACL program called PACOMP.

    To create the SFX file, I’m calling the POWERARC -tosfx command.

    2. After running the BATCH, I have to manually edit the destination folder, assign ‘overwrite’ option, etc.

    I would think that it would not be difficult to add additional ‘args’ for powerarc.exe so that these settings can be included on the command line (and thus in my batch file to completely automate this).

    This process is something I must do regularly, so having the ability to do this via the command prompt (batch file) would be really, really nice.



  • I can see how this would be a helpful feature, especially if it could be implemented without too much effort. I don’t use the command line often, but I might if . . .

  • Alpha Testers

    hmmm having such an option is something I would also find very useful under my present operations.
    interested to see how this develops.

  • conexware

    probably easier/smarter/better to add SFX support to pacl ;-)

  • Alpha Testers

    I agree with spwolf, the best option would be to add support for SFX to PACL.

    Kind Regards

  • Alpha Testers


    probably easier/smarter/better to add SFX support to pacl ;-)

    I’ve tested this in PACL 6.02 but it looks like support for SFX isn’t implemented yet.

    Do you have any plans for implementing this in PACL and if so, when can we expect to have support for SFX in PACL?

    Kind Regards

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