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    There are several requests I have offered several times. Perhaps there are technical reasons why you cannot do any of these. But let me offer them again. They all concern AC:

    1. I standardly get 2-3 acknowledgments of an AC download. Perhaps some of that is caused because some people have their email forwarded from one server to another . . . so the download notification gets keyed by each server.

    2. could you please note that the time you are using for download time – so that users will know that the time listed is 5-8 hours off that of US users?

    3. could you give users a way (a) to delete all AC filenames, and (b) to show us which files are still active for download? Actually, I would prefer that AC delete file names once their download date has passed.

    This would make AC more attractive (unless, for cost reasons, you would prefer not to make it more attractive – which I would regret, but understand).

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