Error while writing to selected drive/media

  • just purchased PA2010 and am trying to burn an ISO image to a DVD using the image burner. PA2010 is installed on my laptop which has a removable DVD drive and I also have an external DVD burner (Plextor PX-755UF) attached.
    PA seems to have problems detecting the drives internal or external in so far that PA does not list a drive as available if there is a blank CD/DVD inserted. The drive must be empty to be recognised.
    If I start the Image Burner with empty drives I can selected a drive, select the image I want to burn, insert a blank CD/DVD and click the burn button. I immediately receive an error message: “There was an error while writing to selected drive/media. On the screen I can see the progress information box where the last entry is " Testing unit ready”
    This happens regardless which drive I use. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

  • conexware

    try download Virtual Drive drivers via Burner> Virtual Drive, and then let us know how it works.

    It adds additional method of controlling the drive - SPTD, which is selectable in Config> Misc. screen, after installation.

  • Did as you requested. Even re-booted my laptop afterwards, …. no change.

  • conexware

    Ok, so in Config> Misc, try manually selecting those other 2 methods… and if none work, please email us at support @ conexware dot com, and we will send you special logging burner application which will record errors so we can see whats going on there.

    thanks a lot!

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