Directory properties inheritance

  • Whenever I drag a file from an archive in a PA window, and drop it into a compressed directory, the extracted file is never compressed. I always have to manually compress the extracted file(s) afterward.

    When I do the same using WinRAR, the file is compressed properly. This is as expected since the file(s) should inherit the compressed flag from the directory.

  • Isn’t this a semi-serious problem? I often extract to compressed folders, and I’m constantly having to manually compress the files after I’ve extracted them.

  • conexware

    what exactly do you mean by a compressed folder?

    in Windows explorer or within an archive in PA?

  • I’m talking about extracting files from PA to directories that have NTFS compression enabled. When I do this with PA, the files do not become (NTFS) compressed automatically, as they should. When I drag from WinRAR–same file, from the same archive, to the same directory–the files are compressed as they should be.

    I’ll see if I can create a video of this…

  • Here’s a video (in a 7-Zip archive) that shows it very clearly. Note that I had to give the attached file (which, again, is actually a 7-Zip archive) the XLS extension in order to post it, because of the forum attachment size limit configuration. Obviously, change the extension to 7Z to make it work.

    The default video size may not be ideal. On my system, I have to maximize the video window to see it clearly.

    This was extremely easy to reproduce it. While I used PA, I encountered this every day.

  • conexware

    i should have said we reproduced it long time ago :-). Sorry for the trouble.

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