The longer the better?

  • Hi,

    this is just a shot in the dark but maybe someone could help me. :) The thing is that earlier this week I needed to packed batch of files and put a password on it. And so I did. I didn’t use any compression it was all about password. And because I needed it to be safe I used a citation from a book (exactly 972 symbols), copy-paste method. Well, when it was packed I tried again copy-paste method and unpacked. Everything worked, so I deleted the original files.
    But today (after hdd format and winXP reinstall) I tried to unpack the archive just like I did few days before … and it just won’t work.
    When I copy the pass PA just creates an empty folder and that’s it no other actvity or error message. I also tried to use older version - the same I used for creating the archiv - but it’s all the same.
    When I try to use first 128 symbols of the pass it says that password is wrong. When entered 129 and more -does nothing, like I said before.
    Well I know that it was stupid to use such a long password (don’t judge, I’m only human), but I hope that someone might have something to say and help me. :o

    Another thing just crossed my mind - the password is composed of some special symbols (á,č,š,ř,ž…) I’m from CZE … but first time it worked, so …
    Anyway, thx for every idea…


  • conexware

    did something else changed as well? maybe you had different computer/os? Thinking about those special symbols and maybe different language setting that may have affected it…

    and yeah, long, long, long, long! I will enter it as an bug (support for too many letters).

  • The only thing I can think about is new RAM modules, OS is same, language settings was probably the same as it’s now - I’m not aware of changing it … so I guess now it’s just a big pack of trash :)

  • conexware

    check your Control Panel> Regional and Language> Formats, and see if something there could be done differently now from then…

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