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Updating archives

  • PA 2009 Pro 11.00.55
    Win XP SP3
    I have a ZIP archive in which I keep files which are being edited elsewhere. I like to keep these up to date, and would normally use the Update or Freshen options. However, in both advanced and Basic add windows, I am offered only Add (and replace) and Move. This applies both to existing archives and new ones when I test this out.

    I note also that if I wish to create a custom Profile for ZIP just to Update or Freshen, I am offered only Add or Move.

    It occurred to me that Update/Freshen had for some reason been removed, but they are described in the current Help. I am NOT using the Modern Toolbar

    Advice please.

  • conexware

    there is some problem with that option - expect it back in b6/rc1

  • conexware

    hm - let me restate - update and freshen will only update files you have in the zip already - it will not add other files you tried. Thats why we have Add and replace - which you could also name Add and Update or Add and Refresh 🙂

  • Thanks. I do appreciate that Freshen and Update have the effect of updating a file already in the archive provided that the parameters are identical i.e. it didn’t update if the original file was stored with no path but the “freshen-update” instruction asked to store the path,which added the same file with path alongside the existing file in the archive.

    However, I pose this problem.

    I have a zip archive containing a dozen Word files which I originally moved to the archive - they no longer exist in their original folder. They are stored without path.
    I decide that one needs editing, so I extract it to a “dump” folder and alter it - thus changing the file date to today’s from one back in May and the size also. (Note-I have done this because I don’t want to edit the file direct from the archive as I have a number of alterations to make over the day).

    I then want to update the file in the archive, so using advanced add I select the file (no path) and am offered Add (and Replace) or Move. I select Add. PA then processes the file, but the file in the archive remains the same (old date and size). I refresh the screen just in case, and then open the file with Word direct from the archive-to find that my edits are not there, which confirms that Add (and Replace) has not replaced the archive file with the external edited version. The same thing happens if I select Move.

  • conexware

    You need to check RC1 - this issue should be fixed now (replacing files while add directly to zip option is checked)… thanks!

  • Thanks. Just downloaded and installed 11.00.65 which seems to have fixed this. Good work all.

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