V5b2 - No error message, but no work done

  • I’m trying to eval PACL v5.00b2 with the following command:

    pacomp -a -r -c1 -sep db.zip “d:\backups\DataBases*.BAK”

    It prints the standard header “PowerArchiver Command Line……” and then exits, no error, no files not found, nothing.

    My end goal is to help automate my sql server backup zipping for offsite storage, so the addition of the “sep” param seems a really good fit.

    I was able to run
    pacomp -a test.zip *.exe

    in the c:\pacl directory to validate it was working.

  • I believe -s requires that the password be input

    so command should be
    pacomp -a -r -c1 -sPassword -e -p db.zip “d:\backups\DataBases*.BAK”

    Your version could be trying to use ‘ep’ as the password or is that what you meant :confused:

  • ah… nope I was trying to use the new param “sep” for create separate archives. Either way pacomp isn’t reporting any kind of error to let me know something went wrong.

  • Ah - Ok.

    pacomp -a -r -sep \testing\ignore.zip “\testing*.jpg”

    Almost works for me (OK in the target folder: testing) I also get the file by file output listing.; so I cannot explain the no messages as you report.

    But the subfolder recursion doesn’t work :mad:

    Note 1: which drive:folder are you running the command from - pacomp needs target info from the archive name; with your example would be in “current” folder.

    Note: Cannot test with different drives, on this PC sorry.

    Edit - just had a thought - if recursion is not working, then there may be no messages if your Backups\databases folder has NO .BAK files to compress.

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