.Z file extracted as .txt

  • I’m using PACL v4.01, and like it so far. Simple to set up, simple to administer, and it runs well as a service account (without elevated permissions or registry access).

    But when unzipping a .Z file, it throws a .txt on the end of the file name. Here are the details:

    • Original file: test.dat
    • Zipped file: test.dat.z
    • Command: paext -e test.dat.z
    • Unzipped file: test.dat.txt

    Why does it add the extra .txt extension? It doesn’t do it for the same test.dat file zipped through WinZip.

    Thanks for any clarification / work around you can provide.

    Andy Wolfe

  • By the way, I just tested this in PACL5.0b. It extracts the file without adding the extra .txt extension.

    So I guess that’s the answer - upgrade to PACL5.0. Can anyone confirm that, or was this just a happenstance fix that might be re-introduced at some point?


    Andy Wolfe

  • conexware


    many changes were done to PACL to bring it to 5.00, basically all of the improvements from PA versions since PACL, should be included in 5.00 version.

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