PA shell extensions missing in Total Commander

  • Running Vista Ultimate SP1, shell extensions don’t show up when right-clicking associated files in Total Commander. They do when using the Windows Explorer interface. Could a PA programmer reply stating whether this is TC or PA that needs to be fixed please? Thank you.

  • this is down to total commander though you might like to have a word with total commander programer to see if this can be corrected. Explorer is the standard on windows so what works in explorer should work on total commander unless the author doesn’t want it to for some reason.

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    I agree with David’s comments. I use Free Commander and PA’s shell extensions work fine in that so it must be a problem with total commander

  • My error, I failed to state that this is 64-bit Vista SP1.

    Luxor: Are you using Vista 64-bit? Yes? Is it SP1? Yes? Is your Free Commander 64-bit?

    Thanks ahead of time and again, my bad for not giving complete details at first. This issue has me arsed. :x

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    Sorry crunch. I’m Using Vista 32-bit here, no SP1 installed yet.
    Free Commander is also 32-bit and as far as I know there is no 64-bit version of that yet.

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