Excluding file only in root folder

  • Using pacomp I am trying to zip up a folder tree that contains a web.config file in the root folder as well as in sub-folders.

    I wish to exclude the one in the root directory but include the ones in sub-folders. Is this possible?

    If I use -xweb.config or -x"\web.config" then all web.config files are excluded and if I use -x".\web.config" then none of the web.config files are excluded.

    The rest of the command I’m using (with the questionable exclusion represented by ???) is```
    pacomp -a -r -p ??? -x"bin*.config" FMWeb.zip FMWeb*.*

  • Two possibilities I can think of off the top of my head (not tried) -

    1. include the root folder name

    2. create and use a @list of all the files to be excluded.

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