PACL Hangs on move files

  • Using PACL with the -m option and each time it hangs on deleting files. In this batch there are 82 files. It adds them all to the zip file no problem but when it starts deleting files it gets part way through the list and hangs. On subsequent runs it does the same thing or sometimes it just works. It is fairly consistent in hanging on the first run but sporadically hangs on subsequent runs when trying to move/delete the remaining files into the zip.

  • conexware


    what version of PACL and what OS?
    What kind of files? Can you delete them manually?


  • Latest version 4.01 on WinXP SP2.

    The files are all .msg files and total combined file size is approximately two MB.

    Files can be deleted successfully manually.

    Also, using another command line utility with the exact same files and directory structure I experienced no similar issues.

    I tested this with both utilities at least ten times each. Of those tests the other utility had a 0% failure and pacomp had about an 80% failure rate. “About” coming from the additional times I reran pacomp on the remaining files and having it work.

    An odd anomaly is that after terminating the batch file it ran from I would also have to kill explorer.exe which I had opened to the directory housing the .msg files to monitor activity. I was careful not to have any files selected during the process of testing to prevent any open handles to files.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide you with to help.

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