Uninstalling Power Archiver

  • I downloaded the trial version of Power Archiver and would now like to uninstall it (I don’t have a need for it any more and don’t want/need it on my system), but for some reason it won’t let me uninstall it. Any help/suggestions?

  • i’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it so can not tell you why it doesn’t work. What operatiung system do you use and do you have any other archivers installed or more importantly any software m,ade in delphi

    just a thought have you admin privilages. the only other suggestion i can give is to try a program called dial-a-fix found on the internet and run that and then try and uninstall if that fails then reinstall pa and reboot and then try and uninstall and let us know.

  • Am running XP, Winzip’s installed, no software made in Delphi, and I do have administrator privileges.
    I’ll try dial-a-fix; thanks.

  • Try installing a new version trial of PowerArchiver, by default PA Uninstalls the old and re-installs…

    Then just uninstall the latest PA.

    If that doesnt work, you might need to manually delete the folder and clear the Registry.

  • conexware

    Here is how to do it:

    after that you can install it again and then properly uninstall it.

    You probably deleted some parts of the install before running uninstallations, and Windows Installer does not like that.


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