RAR problem

  • PA 2007 will not recognize RAR archives above *.R01. Is this a configuration thing? What needs to happen here?:confused:

  • There is no need/benefit in “recognising” R08, R67 etc.
    Besides, partial extraction is not supported.

  • this is a good point to make 7zip file manager supports this so why not pa, it can be done and is needed the other day at work i had to install the 7zip file manager cause of this program with pa. This will ecrtainmly drive custoimers away and towards winrar

  • I’m glad it’s not my ineptitude. If I went in to folder options and related all the file extensions to PA RAR files it would probably work, but c’mon…another option would be to rename all the files using a batch renamer utility like File Renamer to have *_part1.rar as a name instead of *.R01…etc. That I know would work. The question is how much work should one have to do for a product that says they support such file types?

  • But why is it necessary/needed :confused:
    *.rar. *.r00 and *.r01 are associated - I don’t see a benefit having “anyname.r28” associated.

    The work involved is to “bloat” the registry with 98 silly extension associations - this is why RAR changed their naming scheme in the first place.

  • what i think he is trying to say yes it would be nice to have them associated. However the point that he also made was that you can not extract files from an incomplete set of spanned rar files which you can do with the 7zip filke manager and why is this.

    when will this be fixed

  • @davidsplash:

    … you can not extract files from an incomplete set of spanned rar files …


    Besides, partial extraction is not supported.

    As I said. :p

  • Wow, I’m dumb…It handles it with even less BS than I could’ve imagined…open the .rar and it grabs the rest…duh…:o

  • Ah now I see… You were referring to extracting, not the assoicated icons etc.

    A misconception (they must be associated in order to extract) is not dumb by any means - but it sometimes helps to “Just try it first” ;)

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