Support for Wildcards

  • I would like to see support for adding files in folders and subfolders just by using wildcards, i.e., “.” without having to actually select all the files.

  • You don’t have to select all files - just select the folder itself.

  • That may be true. However, I would find it convenient to be able to specify “.” from within a given folder, and also request all subfolders from the menu, without having to select all files and folders explicitly. In fact, I cannot get that to work just now, as I have mentioned in another post. The feature I would like is available in another arrchiver which I have to use at work, and it is very convenient for me.

  • Sorry, you are talking about PACL v4.01 right?
    If so, which “menu” are you referring to?

    In PACL you can use wildcards:-
    pacomp -a -w “c:\my stuff*.*”

    For all files
    pacomp -a -w -r -p “c:\my stuff*.*”

    For files and subfolders.


  • No. I am talking about PowerArchiver v10.20.02, but your point about using PACL is well taken!

  • @jc_ryman:

    No. I am talking about PowerArchiver v10.20.02 …

    Ah… Wrong Forum then :p

    For your comfort - try enabling Advanced Add Window under Configuration / Miscellaneous.
    Now you have a check for Store Folder and under Options you can include sub-folders.

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