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  • Hello,
    I’ve been making these batch files for my clients, and I need to do “cool stuff” in the exclude file. What sort of lines can I put in my file? Here is what I have now, the last line doesn’t do anything…

    —start noLawoffice.txt—

    "Bankruptcy Stuff*.

    command line switchs:
    pacomp -P -r -c2 -x@mab_noLawoffice.txt “c:\backup\lawoffice_%mydate%.zip” “z:\law office*.*”

    Does this have something to do with the long file name? thanks,
    drew kerlee

  • for the exclusion file:
    1. do not put quotes in the file, even for long file names, or files names with spaces
    2. put the full path to the folder

    @echo off

    echo “z:\law office\clients*.* --> c:\backup\clients_(date).zip”
    echo excluding: jpg, zip, pdf, tif, close cases

    FOR /F "tokens=1-4 delims=/ " %%I IN (‘DATE /t’) DO SET mydate=%%L-%%J-%%K

    PATH “C:\backup\bin”
    pacomp -P -r -c2 -x@mab_noClients.txt “c:\backup\clients_%mydate%.zip” “z:\law office\clients*.*”

    echo all done!

    Z:\law office\clients\closed cases*.


  • conexware


    Yes, do need for quote-marks since every line means only one parameters, so it is easy to parse.

  • conexware

    We have added one more check for next version (4.00 BETA 2) - now even if you use quotes it will work.

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