"As Web Page" Bug

  • When “As Web Page” option is set, I can’t select files (using mouse)
    in the Main PA window! I can open them only…

    Is it Normal? :rolleyes:


  • you are right, the mouse selection just works INSIDE of archives.

  • conexware

    Inside of archive - I dont see any difference in how mouse selection works between As Web Page and Explorer mode… On the other hand, in Classic mode, to select something with a mouse, your mouse pointer needs to be outside of any of file info columns - to do it properly with larger archives, you can narrow the last column so you can click on area outside of columns to select them.

    I hope I was clear enough, was I? Outside archives, in Explorer mode, it does not work at all and thats one of the updates planned for 9.1 as talked about previously….


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