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SFX file still says Powerarchiver 2004

  • When you run the created SFX file and press the about button, it still says “Powerarchiver 2004”. It doesn’t matter wich archive type is selected.

    Using PA 10 Dutch version.

  • Yes. Maybe they’re still using the “old” SFX-Engine to create them.
    It says “Created with PA 2006” for Zip-Archives and correctly 2007 for 7z-Archives.
    (Tested with German PA 2007)

  • conexware

    Probably yes, because Dutch translators didn’t update this. If you have checked English version you would see it is updated to 2007 - the engine is same, just some texts maybe haven’t been updated in translated versions.

  • conexware

    it is just translation issue (not updated…).

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