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Recently opened archives list-10.00.36

  • I do not seem to be able to see the last 5 opened archives on the drop down. Currently it stays at 1, however many I have worked on actively. This is verified by looking at the Files entry in system registry. It also doesn’t change from one PA session to the next i.e. rerunning PA doesn’t reset it or make it work as it should.

    It also reflects as a problem in the Recent files against the Powerstarter tray icon - the same is shown.

    O/s Win XP Pro.

  • @PA_Fan:

    the Powerstarter tray icon

    So this is about PowerArchiver 2007 and not PACL.
    The recent archives shows for me.
    So, was it a clean install or an upgrade over earlier version?

  • It was an install of PA2007 latest over the RC1 version of a few days back.

  • @TBGBe:

    The recent archives shows for me.

    Sorry, I was wrong - it isn’t working for me either.
    After deleting entries from the list (selecting non-existant archives) the list is not updated with new archives.

    install of PA2007 latest over the RC1 version

    Same as me.

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