Support of 7-zip compression ?

  • PACL doesn’t seem to support the 7-zip compression (ie when I try something like pacomp -a text.7z test.txt, it screams Compression not supported for this kind of file). Do I make a mistake or is it normal ? And if it is normal, will it be implemented in PACL in the future ?
    I’m using the CAB compression, and it works fine, so I’m asking mainly because I’m curious :D

  • conexware

    First of all this is not a BUG - so it should be in “Tech Support” forums.

    PACL DOES NOT support 7-ZIP - I do not know where you saw this. So far, we do not have plans for adding 7-ZIP support in near future, since 7-ZIP already has it’s own free command line support right now.

    When you run PACOMP.EXE you can see supported formats in the top.

  • on the main home page you state that pacl is a command line version of powerarxhiver and as pa has 7zip support naturally people think that pacl has the same support.

    thi should be added as soon as posible as the 7zip cammand line version is not really what people want as its not as easy or friendly as pacl and people don’t want miore than one command line version on there computer

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