PA 10 Beta 5: Shell Extension problem on Vista x64

  • Hello,

    the shell extensions on Vista X64 are still not working.
    This time, I don’t know if it is because I have made modifications in the registry base for PA 10. Beta 4 but there is something that really bothers me:
    the PASHLEXT64.DLL is not present in C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerArchiver. Is it normal???

    Default install after un-install of Beta 4 and reboot



  • conexware

    Now there should be now PASHLEXT64.DLL no matter which if the OS is 64-bit or not. Installation has two PASHLEXT.DLLs and install the one that is for target OS.

    I will check on my Win x64.

  • conexware


    We found the problem and should be fixed in Beta 6.

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