2007 Beta 3 RAR SFX Extraction Bug

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    Just thought I would report this bug, incase it hasn’t been stumbled across. I came across this issue when trying to extract the contents of a Nero 7 update. Extraction does begin but quits out unexpectedly without any error message of information if there was a problem.

    1. Effects Right-Click context menu extraction.
    2. Effects extraction when you open the file using the Open With PowerArchiver item in the context menu.
    3. Effects extract function when you open PowerArchiver and then open the file that way.

    Thanks, Andrew Robinson.

  • what version of the update do you have

    Secondley what things do u have open on your computer what programs are running.

    Thirdly do you have any other archivers on your computer.
    Have you tred this with another rar sfx yet.

  • conexware

    thanks, we will check it out. It is very important that every bug is reported, no matter how small or large…


  • I’ve found that this happens with any large rar file, not just sfx ones. PA just quits without extracting all the files in the archive.

  • Alpha Testers


    I have tested this with many .RAR files, including non-SFX, and sometimes it will extract and create a folder, but then extract no files.

    Just a side note, no other archive software is installed. I have uninstalled the Beta and installed the latest official release, and the problem is non-existant, so points to some sort of problem with the new beta.


  • conexware

    we will check it out and let you know.


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