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  • Hey,

    Im really frustrated. I’ve run through my list of passwords yet i can’t figure out the password to a encypted zip i made a while ago. It contains alot of my personal stuff for taxes and stuff and in my absentmindedness i deleted the source…is there any way I can get around needing to remember my password?


  • If the ZIP “encryption” was done using a simple password on the file (what PA refers to as PK V204) then you might be able to do this with a type of dictionary test - just keep trying different passwords.

    If the encryption was done using any of the AES methods, then you are out of luck.
    This is the point of strong encryption, it cannot be easily broken.

  • You can still attempt a dictionary test on AES encrypted archives, but it will take a lot longer. If you can remember the number of characters in the password, then you could write a script/program to do the job much faster.

  • Well thats just wonderful I thought i’d have some fun and use 256-AES well that means i’m just SOL. Thanks anyways guys if any one else has a suggestion please reply.


  • in future use a program called key maker it will let you input a phrase and generate a password from tyhat phrase.

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