Auto Update bug on specific click sequence

  • If you go to the “Auto Update” configuration option and click the “Check For Update” button, The “PowerArchiver 2007 Web Update” dialog appears. Now:
    1. Click Close, on the aforementioned dialog, then
    2. Click Cancel on the Configuration dialog

    Now if you run update checking, either by again clicking “Check for Update” via the Auto Update configuration tab, or by click “Check for new version…” via the 'Help" dropdown, there is no response.

    The only way to restore behavior is to restart PowerArchiver. This bug does not occur if, after having clicked “Check For Update” and performed Step #1 above, you click OK on the Configuration dialog.

    WinXP SP2 + PA 10.00.14

  • no problems under windows 2000.

    Do you use any antivirus or firewalls

  • conexware

    In classic interface, I can see the problem…


  • conexware

    Thanks welhaux!

    The issue should be fixed in Beta 3.

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