Max number of files in an archive?

  • I’m trying to use PACL in a batch file to automate a folder backup to a second hard disk. The compressing seems to be working fine but if I use PA (the GUI version) clicking on the ZIP icon to look inside the archive I get an error saying “List index out of bounds (0)” at which point the program crashes dead and needs the three finger salute to shut it down.
    The archive has 1,050 files in it and is about 58Mb in size. Uncompressed it is about 78Mb.
    Hard disk space isn’t an issue and PA itself creates a usable and readable archive which is only slightly different in size.

    Operating system: Windows ME (yeah - I know…)
    PA version: 9.64.01 (registered)
    PACL version 4.01 (registered)
    Using FAT32

    Is this due to a limitation of the number of files that PACL can store within an archive or have I uncovered a bug?


  • PACL [PACOMP] does not support “large Zip format” (4.5??)
    But in that context - large - means 64k files/2GB filesize
    so 1000 files/75MB is not the problem.

    However, there is also a limit on PATH/FILENAME length of approx 200 chars - could that be your problem?

    If you copy the Zip file to your C: drive (same disk as PowerArchiver GUI) is the problem still there?

    You don’t mention if PACL[PAEXT] also reports a problem?

  • I found the problem after reducing the number of files by making more than one ZIP. It was my fault, I intended to recurse and store the full path names to the files using the switches “-r -P” but entered “-rP” instead. Using two ‘-’ characters fixed the problem but highlighted a bug (well… a ‘feature’ anyway). If the wrong parameters are entered, such as the -rP I used, the program still creates a valid ZIP file although the full path names forced by the ‘P’ parameter are lost. They can be extracted, less the path name, with PAEXT.EXE but PA itself locks up solid after giving the list index error. Only Ctrl-Alt-Del could be used to shut it down. Looks like invalid command line parameters can create a ZIP with a header that crashes PA leaving it in an unrecoverable state.

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