Unzipping multiple password-protected files?

  • I have a backup set created by a different program that contains a few thousand files, in which each file is compressed and encrypted individually with the standard ZIP algorithm and AES-256. There is also a directory structure.

    Directory 1 - file 1.zip
    file 2.zip
    file 3.zip
    Subdirectory 1 - file 1.zip
    file 2.zip
    file 3.zip
    Directory 2 - file 1.zip
    file 2.zip
    file 3.zip
    file 4.zip
    and so on

    Now, I would to extract a couple of hundred files from this backup with PowerArchiver (I do not like the restoration procedure that this other program offers).

    I have two problems:

    a) PowerArchiver asked me for the password for each file. However, the password is the same for every file in the backup set. Can I make PowerArchiver remember the password and only ask me again if a different password is required within an unzipping session?

    b) The existing directory structure got lost. All files - no matter which directory they were located in - were extracted into one single directory. Can I do anything about that?

  • conexware

    a. At this point you can use PPM? (check options)
    b. what about using extract to filename\subfolder?


  • @spwolf:

    a. At this point you can use PPM? (check options)
    b. what about using extract to filename\subfolder?

    a) I looked into the options and the password manager is enabled (i.e. there is a cross in the appropriate checkbox). But still PowerArchiver does not remember the password, I have to enter it for every archive. What could be the reason for that?
    All the archive (ZIP) files have different names, but that shouldn’t be a problem, right? They all have the same password.

    Since it is folder with many subfolders and many individually compressed ZIP files, I went to PowerArchiver’s Tools and used its multi-unpack function (I am not sure if that is the right term, I have a German version here).

  • conexware

    ah, yes - PPM works per file :-).

    I believe that upcoming PA 2007 will have some changes to help in this case.

  • OK, good to know. Thanks for your replies.






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