Zip Spanning Disks

  • I’m trying to take the contents of a folder and span the zip files on to floppy disks, but am not having satisfactory results. I’m using the following command at the command line to zip the contents of the folder (multiple files with a total compressed size of 5MB)

    pacomp -v1440k -bq a:\

    The compression will go through and will write to the disk, creating one file with the extension of .z01, but no starting .zip file is created, and it does not prompt for the disk. If done to the local machine, the files are properly spanned to the correct size. I have not seen anything in the manual or online that explicitly says to span disks or prompt for next disk. Is there a way to do this?

    I am using PACL v4.01 on XP

  • conexware

    I have to check it, but writing to floppy is supported for automatic spans, while specifying size will make it act in “local drive” mode when it expects to have all the space it needs.

    Originally, zip specification only included automatic spanning to floppy and custom spanning was introduced as extension for creation of volumes on hard disk.

    i have to double check on that tomorrow as i didnt visit this issue in a while now…


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